Late application


Applicants seeking admission to an upper year of the Bachelor’s program are not allowed to apply after the April 30 deadline.

With regard to admission to the CMS or first year, only applicants holding a maturité professionnelle or spécialisée (admission to the CMS) or a maturité fédérale or gymnasiale (admission to the first year), or another upper secondary school-leaving certificate granting automatic admission to the first year, are allowed to apply after the April 30 deadline if they can attest that they fulfil at least one of the following conditions: 

  • to have applied no later than April 30 for admission to another Swiss institution of higher education​​​​
  • to have definitely failed, after April 30, a study program at a Swiss cantonal University (in a field not taught at EPFL), in a Swiss HES, or in a Swiss HEP
  • to have moved, after April 30, to a canton in Western Switzerland (Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Neuchâtel, Valais, or Vaud), from a foreign country, for a professional reason (because they work in Switzerland or because they live with parents who work in Switzerland)
  • to have been exempted, after April 30, of a long-term obligation to serve (recruit school, civilian service, etc.)
  • to have lost, after April 30, a permanent occupation at a rate equal or superior to 50%


Late applications are subject to an additional preliminary tax of Fr. 150.-. The usual application fees are due when the application is submitted.


Applicants who wish to apply after the April 30 deadline are kindly required to contact the Student Services Desk and to provide a document attesting the completion of the required school-leaving certificate, as well as proof that one of the above-mentioned conditions is fulfilled by the applicant.

The final deadline to submit a (completed) late application is September 30. The procedure may take up to two weeks, and interested applicants are therefore encouraged to contact the Student Services Desk no later than September 15. 

The usual admission conditions apply.