Escape room ”Switzerland, we’ve had a problem”

“Switzerland, we’ve had a problem”, a mobile escape game designed by Space@yourService!

Space@yourService is proud to present and offer you an escape game on the theme of space, which can be rented for family needs, for times with friends, or even for team building and other professional activities.

Would you like to hear the presentation of our project on CQFD, RTS’s scientific program? Click here!

Roll-up de notre escape room

Roll-up of our escape room

The escape games, an inspiration for the space promotion.

Escape games, also known as escape rooms, are creating a huge buzz in mainstream culture and are increasingly appearing in cities around the world, and deservedly so. Well-designed escape rooms are challenging, offer a mix of luck and reflection, allow group interaction and are therefore an excellent form of entertainment. Many artistic and cultural venues draw inspiration from them when designing their exhibitions and hands-on activities to attract an audience that is seduced by other playful content. Mixing this fun and stimulating experience with science is therefore a whole new way of communicating about science.

The story:

The team is divided into two groups: Mission Control and the crew in the lunar base. The base has been badly damaged, because of a solar eruption: you only have 30 minutes before the situation becomes critical. You will therefore have to determine what caused the damage, and do everything possible to save yourself before the unspeakable happens! Beware, failure is not an option!

Format of the escape room :

  • Group of 4 to 8 persons (possible but not recommended for larger groups due to lack of space)
  • Accessible to all from 12 years old
  • Available in English and in French
  • Duration of 30 minutes (a second version of 45 minutes is under development)
  • Mobile
  • Need some chairs, tables and some electricity, and an empty space to lay the two bases (2*4 meters for the brown one, and 6 meters of diameters for the black one)

Our escape game’s stand at its lauch during the Swissnex Day ’19

Interested in renting our escape game, or looking for more information? You can contact us at [email protected] !




We would like to thanks Swissnex San Francisco, SERI and the Swiss Space Center for helping us funding this beautiful project, as well as CODEX who constructed our escape game. We also thank Growbothub for lending us their experience to make the escape room more immersive.