Vivalys mission

The Vivalys Mission is a test project set up in  the Vivalys primary school in Ecublens in partnership with our association.

The project consists in integrating certain aspects of a space mission in the school curriculum of a class of children aged 8-9 years. The project will be concluded by a similar small mission, or field trip, in March 2021 where the children will be able to put their learning into practice.

First meeting between S@yS and the class of little analogue astronauts

The class will be composed of a dozen children and will be followed by the teaching staff under the consultation of the association.

The Vivalys Mission will be an integral part of the school year’s program, the class will have a list of subjects related to their mission that can be addressed in each school subject, a list of experiences that can be studied during the year as well as a series of workshops in which the students will participate.

Talking about a typical day in the life of an astronaut

Find on the school’s blog a post about our first intervention in class for the preparation of the mission and an article about the management course given by S@yS.