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[email protected] ([email protected]) is an EPFL association, whose main goal is to popularize and promote space sciences (astronomy, astrophysics and space engineering) among the general public and EPFL students.

In order to achieve it, we organize different events open to everybody and accessible even if you don’t have any physics’ background !

One of our main event is surely Astronomy on Tap : aotlausanne.ch, where we organize conferences in French and English in various pubs.
Here is the link of AoT International if you dont know what an AoT consist of or if you want to have a look where all the others are taking part in the world: astronomyontap.org.

We have also just launched Asclepios, an analog space mission on another celestial star, such as Mars or the Moon, for 7 days. If you want more information on this ambitious project, go to the dedicated website: asclepios.ch.

For even more information, download our Executive Summary!

Our current events

Mission Asclepios

Mission Asclepios is intended to simulate a short-term mission to another celestial body, also known as an analogue mission. This allows to test, among other things, the experiences and procedures of the stay in order to be ready for the day when reality will join the fantasy.

Escape room ”Switzerland, we’ve had a problem”

The team is divided into two groups: Mission Control and the crew in the lunar base. The base was severely damaged: you only have a limited amount of time before the oxygen runs out. How to repair the damage? Rescue your crew before the unnamable happens… Failure is not an option!

Vivalys mission

The Vivalys Mission is a test project set up in the Vivalys primary school in Ecublens in partnership with our association. The project consists in integrating certain aspects of a space mission in the school curriculum of a class of children aged 8-9 years.

We also publish scientific articles, as well as scientific news videos.

If you want to contact us for any inquiry, you can drop us an mail on: [email protected] or send us a message on our social media and to get more information on our projects, we invite you to follow us on the social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Linkedin.