UR : Gaétan Brunet & Chloé Valadié


Opening, Monday 27 February 2023, 6 p.m.
Lecture and aperitif 

You are invited to join us in the Archizoom gallery for the opening of the exhibition Sympoiesis. Arts of practice in the ecological city, which takes place from the 28th of February to the 15th of May 2023. For this event, we welcome Gaétan Brunet & Chloé Valadié from the architecture and urbanism office UR, in charge of the curation, to give an opening lecture followed by an aperitif.

Ecological culture is becoming increasingly prominent in the design of the city today. It is the pivot that enables us to articulate new ways of looking, proceeding and operating, generating a set of ways of producing in and for the environmental city. How can ecological culture colour, inform and renew project culture ? 

The office 

UR is a Paris and Bordeaux based office for architecture and urbanism. Founded in 2019 by Chloé Valadié and Gaétan Brunet, UR is engaged in a wide range of projects: from small architectural units to larger urban and strategic studies for private companies and public institutions. UR envisions the project as an open process engaging a broad spectrum of facts, nurtured by an approach on complexity and dedicated to raise new potentials.