Stephen Felmingham

Dr Stephen Felmingham

 October 28, 2014

As part of the exhibition Architecture by Line, Saul Steinberg


The idea of the ‘thinking hand’ in drawing is a familiar one, with the hand seen as the eyes equal and as two elements mediated by the mind in the process of the artist’s thought in action. The hand also carries its rich craft into the life of the human being,

‘Every motion of the hand in every one of its works carries itself through the element of thinking’1

But what kind of thinking could be at work in drawing? This presentation will consider what is meant by ‘intuition’ and ‘tacit knowledge’ in drawing that is made as an expression of the thoughts of its maker while putting into practice, during the presentation, examples of intuitive and exploratory drawing.1. Heidegger, M. (1999) What Calls for Thinking in Krell D.F. (ed)  Basic Writings   London: Routledge pp. 369-391

Stephen Felmingham
artist, professor, Plymouth College of Art