Riken Yamamoto

Riken Yamamoto


Monday 2 October 2023 6.30 p.m.
Toward a Domestic City -Superonda talk n°1 

This first event of the Superonda lecture series, organised by Professor Sophie Delhay, will address the topic of Social Bonding. Today, housing is like an isolated facility, separated and packaged into units by the “one house = one family” method and arranged so that there is no interaction between units. The contemporary system for supplying such housing was invented by industrial capitalists in the nineteenth century. However, such a housing model is collapsing. Raising children and caring for the elderly can no longer be provided for within such a family. This conference opens the way to habitats that establish other forms of sharing and conviviality, redefining the balance between intimate and communal.


Riken Yamamoto is an architect and founded Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop in 1973. He currently teaches as visiting professor at Tokyo University of the Arts. Some of his most representative works are Saitama Prefectural University (1999), Future University Hakodate (2000), Yokosuka Museum of Art (2006), The Circle at Zürich Airport (2020), Nagoya Zokei University (2022). He proposes a new model of society, „Local Community Area Model“, which is based on his practice of a relationship between residence and community. Parallel to his professional Work as Architect, Yamamoto held the position of the president of Nagoya Zokei University (2018-2022) and professor at Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture (Y-GSA)(2007-2011). Yamamoto has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Japan Arts Academy Award, the Mainichi Art Awards, the Prize of Architecture Institute of Japan for Design, the Public Buildings Award, the Good Design Gold Award, and the Building Contractors Society Award.