Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec – Rêveries urbaines

February 26 – June 02, 2018


March 20, 2018
in discussion with Christophe Catsaros, editor-in-chief of the journal Tracés

“Rêveries Urbaines” (Urban Daydreaming) is a wide-ranging study of possible development solutions for cities, a repertoire of new forms imaginable in very different urban situations. Much like a large, open sketchbook, the solutions are presented as a meander through models and films. The immersive staging of this exhibition aims to transport the visitor into different universes; each model is like a separate act of an urban play. A significant number of ideas were produced over the course of a year. From this intense research, proposals were selected and turned into detailed study models.

These spontaneously developed projects highlight the need to bring natural forms back into the city: plants, animals, water and fire. The scenarios take into consideration urban functions and suggest a new direction in the relationship between buildings, the quality of a pavement, the positioning of a fountain, the planting of a jungle: all these human considerations that would make the city a place of enchantment.

An international travelling exhibition by the Vitra Design Museum in cooperation with Les Champs Libres de Rennes

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