Mariabruna Fabrizi & Fosco Lucarelli


Vernissage, Monday 27 September 2021, 6 pm
Archizoom, SG building, EPFL

Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli inaugurate the Autumn semester with an opening lecture on the exhibition Database, Network, Interface: The Architecture of Information, which they are curating.

In an age characterised by the increasing dematerialisation of cultural production and transmission, Database, Network, Interface explores architecture’s historical role in representing and organising information and knowledge. Their work analyses architecture’s ability to structure the access to information and construct physical relationships between virtual contents.

Conference also online
Meeting ID : 621 7263 6235

Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli are architects, teachers and curators. They are currently based in Paris where they have founded the practice Microcities, and the website and visual atlas Socks-studio. They are both associate professors at the School of Architecture EAVT Paris-Est.
Their work takes the form of projects, exhibitions and articles. Their main topics of research are the spatialisation of mental processes, the relationship between architecture and information, the evolution of the domestic space.  
They have been invited curators for “The Form of Form” at the 2016 Lisbon Architecture Triennale, and they curated the exhibition “Inner Space” at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019. They published the book Inner Space in 2019 for the publisher Poligrafa.