Jan Wurm

Jan Wurm


April 11,2018
After ATLAS, how technological change affects our perception and use of material
Markus Walder, Stahlbau Pichler Schweiz AG
Alain Nussbaumer, professor EPFL

Jan Wurm, Leader Research & Innovation Arup Europe
‘Creative building technology: Starting with Materials’

ATLAS team:
Dr Jagoda Cupać, engineer / Prof Alain Nussbaumer, RESSlab EPFL
Alexander Wolhoff, Architect EPFL / Prof Dieter Dietz, ALICE lab EPFL

Jan’s passion is the architectural engineering – the interaction between technology, building materials and structure and the architectural form itself.
Starting his career with an apprenticeship in a joinery and glazier’s workshop, he draws his satisfaction from making. He enjoys working with all parties along the value chain from the materials suppliers to the builders on site to realise the ideas and visions of the designer.
His work on structural use of glass for the building envelope has made him an acknowledged and internationally recognized expert in this field. His book “Structural Glass” was published by Birkhäuser.
Jan joined Arup as a façade designer and material specialist a decade ago in London. Since 2008 he is based in Berlin leading now Germany’s Foresight, Research & Innovation Business.