International symposium on landscape

The narrative of landscape

7th to 9th October 2014 – EPFL, Lausanne

This meeting seeks to define the radical transformations of land and to understand which decisions should be taken in the fields of landscape architecture and urban design.

Landscape architects work with the long term in mind. They face multiple influences: economic, political, ecological, historical and cultural. Their strategy today is to integrate as many of these elements in their work as possible to produce a better quality of life. 

Acknowledging this, what scenarios and stories are designers of the 21st  Century looking for and which ones do they propose? What plans for action present themselves? 

This symposium stems from a meeting between the September issue of Topos Magazine, which is devoted to “the narrative”, and the Lausanne Jardins and Geneva Villes et Champs events, real labs of narrative lands-caping. These entities seek to tell us how a city could evolve.

On this occasion, leading experts from various backgrounds and generations, both practitioners and theorists, will meet in Lausanne.

The symposium will end on a festive note with the ceremony for the prestigious Topos Landscape Award.

An exhibition on the renaturization of the Aire River will also be on display at Archizoom.

Hosted by Archizoom et LAB-U, laboratory of urbanism, EPFL