Elodie Degavre

Elodie Degavre


In discussion with filmmaker Elodie Degavre

Monday 15 April 2024, 6.30 pm


A steel city that makes the neighbours gossip. Lightweight Japanese-style houses, designed by their future buyers. A construction kit entrusted to students. In Brussels, Liège and Charleroi, three architects and a handful of adventurous inhabitants are willing to make their utopia a reality : housing in kit form, affordable to all!

50 years after the realisation of their prototypes, the three now elderly architects take the director on a journey of discovery through these extraordinary homes. In the course of this joyful travel through time, a crucial question emerges : what about us, how will we live tomorrow?


Elodie Degavre is an architect, teacher, researcher and film director living in Brussels. Passionate about her profession as an architect, which she does not hesitate to use in various forms, she teaches architectural design at the UCLouvain where she is also a researcher. She has worked as a practicing architect on public sites for several Brussels offices. More and more interested in “telling” architecture, she writes regularly for the magazine A+ Architecture in Belgium. Wishing to redefine her practice of architecture by directing it towards a non-specialist public, she is now expanding her activities to include film writing. With “Life, Assembled”, she takes another step towards the public by making a documentary. She thus reconnects with her intuitive love for writing and for photography.

Elodie Degavre, Life, Assembled, 2022. Movie poster.