Daniel Rosbottom

Daniel Rosbottom. Photo © David Grandorge


Monday 13 May 2024 6.30 pm
Handcrafting Digital Transition – Superonda Talk n°4

This last event of the Superonda lecture series, organised by Laboratoire LAPIS under the direction of Prof. Nicola Braghieri, will adress the issue of practice. More specifically, to what extent can handcraft techniques be incorporated as a requirement in the contemporary practice of architecture?


Daniel Rosbottom is one of the two founding directors of DRDH, an architecture practice with studios in London and Antwerp. Since 2015 he has been Professor of Architecture in the Chair of Interiors Buildings Cities at TU Delft in the Netherlands.  He is a practicing architect, writer and critic, with practice and academia having been intertwined throughout his career; each informing the other. DRDH works internationally and has a particular focus on the design of cultural buildings and performance spaces. Their projects address complex situations, often within sensitive urban or heritage contexts and have won numerous awards. In 2023 the work of DRDH was published by Swiss publishing house Quart Verlag. The Chair of Interiors Buildings Cities addresses similar territories through an academic frame, focused upon the role and atmospheres of the public interior and its intertwining with the city, through the making of a building. Prior to his arrival at TU Delft Daniel was, from 2008 to 2015, the Head of the School of Architecture and Landscape at Kingston University in London. He has taught and visited many schools across Europe, the USA and Asia.