Amica Dall

Amica Dall

September 26, 2016

As part of the exhibition The COOP principle. Hannes Meyer and the concept of collective design

Amica Dall
architect, Assemble, London


In their practice, Assemble Studio goes beyond disciplinary boundaries, cutting through the fragmentation of modernism. Since 5 years, this collective including  former architecture school classmates and students in English literature, history, philosophy, have been working to create an open, flexible, participatory, and exciting city, based on architectural projects that are ad hoc, handmade, built by volunteers, and fundamentally of their respective, very urban sites. Their work focuses on design as a tool for improving the social and cultural relations in communities.

In 2015, they become the first architecture or design studio to receive the prestigious Turner Prize for art. This did not bothered them, as they stated: “Art? We’re more interested in plumbing”.

Amica Dall will discuss the social role of architects and architecture as well as the relation between craftsmanship, production and the city.