Time Machine Unit

Time Machine Unit Mission

The Time Machine Unit’s mission is to integrate artificial intelligence and cultural heritage through synergy between scientific research and heritage institutions. The unit is dedicated to developing interdisciplinary projects using artificial intelligence methodologies to unlock the potential of historical documents, offering new perspectives and insights into our shared past and memory.

Understanding the past, densifying the present, planning the future: The aim is to create methodologies and approaches for densifying the present with information from the past, to better understand possible futures.

Educational innovation: Time Machine Unit offers educational programs, courses, hands-on workshops and seminars, equipping academic, professional and citizen communities with the skills needed for computational extraction and analysis of historical data.

Collaborative programs: Time Machine Unit actively promotes collaborative programs, facilitating study and exchange opportunities for students and researchers. This collaborative effort aims to envision and realize a landscape in which digital technology enhances the accessibility, understanding and preservation of cultural artifacts for future generations.

Pillars :

– developing interdisciplinary projects in artificial intelligence applied to cultural heritage, from the perspective of the relationship between academic research and heritage institutions.
– creating a new type of teaching for academic and professional communities based on the understanding of historical documents and their computational extraction and analysis.
– promoting study and exchange programs for students and researchers in collaboration with heritage institutions interested in understanding what digital future for cultural heritage is possible.

The projects developed within the Time Machine Unit are divided into themes, and may concern the city and its territory, population, heritage, iconography, textual sources and audiovisual sources.

The aim is to promote the development of new research projects by creating the conditions necessary for a genuine exchange of knowledge and technologies around cross-disciplinary themes. Beneficial at all levels, the discussion and implementation of common methodologies and tools will optimize the acquisition and interoperability of research data. Ongoing research and the results already obtained can be the subject of teaching courses and seminars.

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