James Larus

James Larus

Administrative Assistant

Maggy CHurch

Maggy Church

PhD Students

Seyedmahyar Emami

Mahyar Emami


Sahand with PhD and advisor

Sahand Kashani, PhD September 2023.

Currently at MangoBoost.

Thesis: Building Chips Faster: Hardware-Compiler Co-Design for Accelerated RTL Simulation.

Adrian Goshn. PhD October 2021.

Currently at Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Thesis: Trust as a Programming Primitive.

Endri Bezati, Research Scientist 2018-2021.

Currently Huawei Zurich.

David T. Aksun, PhD July 2021.

Currently at SICPA, Prilly.
Thesis: Software Support for Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Programming.

Stuart Byma, PhD May 2020.

Currently at OptumSoft, Zurich.
Thesis: Parallel and Scalable Bioinformatics.

Nachshon Cohen Post Doc 2016-2018.

Currently at Amazon Israel.

Summer Interns

Summer 2023

  • Madhur Kumar

Summer 2022

  • Raj Ritik
  • Keisuke Kamahori
  • Mohammadsepehr Pourghannad

Summer 2021

Yes, it was a partially virtual summer internship, but a lot better than 2020, which was cancelled due to COVID.

Summer 2019

  • Akash Dhasade, IIT Tirupati

Summer 2018

  • Pratyush Maini, IIT Delhi
  • Nikhil Yadala, IIT Guwahati
  • Milad Razavi Mohseni, Sharif University
VLSC Summer Interns 2018

VLSC Summer Interns 2018

Summer 2017

  • Saket Dingliwal, IIT Delhi
  • Mukund Mundhra, IIT Delhi
  • Alaleh Azah, Johns Hopkins
  • Riya Verma, Stanford
  • Siddhant Garg, IIT Bombay
  • Liam M. Fox, University of Toronto
Interns 2017
VLSC Summer Interns 2017

Summer 2016

Interns 2016
VLSC Summer Interns 2016

Summer 2015

  • Van Quoc Dung, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).