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A. Crema; F. Artoni; S. Micera 

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Colonia Tellina. La culture des murs en pierre pour une communauté agricole alpine à Teglio, Italie

R. Acquistapace 


Computational model of the dorsal horn circuitry for innocuous touch

A. Beltraminelli; S. Romeni; S. Micera 

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A Software Tool for the Real-Time in Vivo Evaluation of Neural Electrodes’ Selectivity

I. Strauss; D. De Luca; A. M. Panarese; F. Bernini; K. Gabisonia et al. 

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Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Network for Proportional Control of Finger Movements from surface EMG Recordings

V. Mendez; L. Pollina; F. Artoni; S. Micera 

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Adaptation and Optimization of an Intraneural Electrode to Interface with the Cervical Vagus Nerve

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Material surface detection on various body parts: a preliminary study for temperature substitution for upper arm amputees

M. N. Kalff; S. Shokur; E. F. Lavado; S. Micera 

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Current Solutions and Future Trends for Robotic Prosthetic Hands

V. Mendez; F. Iberite; S. Shokur; S. Micera 

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The open EEGLAB portal Interface: High-Performance computing with EEGLAB

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Development of a peripheral neuroprosthesis to elicit fine hand movements in primates

M. A. G. Badi-Dubois / S. Micera (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2021. 

A modeling framework to understand and optimize ultrasound neuromodulation

T. Lemaire / S. Micera; E. Neufeld (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2021. 

Uncontrolled manifold analysis of the effects of a perturbation-based training on the organization of leg joint variance in cerebellar ataxia

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Systematic analysis of wavelet denoising methods for neural signal processing

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Soft Embodiment for Engineering Artificial Limbs

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Hybrid Human-Machine Interface for Gait Decoding Through Bayesian Fusion of EEG and EMG Classifiers

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Dynamic Functional Connectivity of Resting-State Spinal Cord fMRI Reveals Fine-Grained Intrinsic Architecture

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