NTD 2022 Schedule

Friday September 30th Location: Auditoire CM5

–14h: Jean-Pierre Serre (College de France)

Souvenirs Mathématiques 5: Formes Modulaires et Représentations l-adiques

— 15h30-16h00: Coffee Break

— 16h00-17h00: Jack Thorne (Cambridge)

Congruences between modular forms and applications

— 17h15-18h15: Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh (Carleton)

Moments of Dirichlet L-functions

— 20h00: Conference Dinner (for participants who have specifically registered)

Saturday October 1st Location: Auditoire CM5

— 9h-10h: Morten Risager (Copenhagen)

Distributions of Manin’s iterated integrals.

— 10h-10h30: Coffee Break

— 10h30-11h30: Sarah Zerbes (ETH Zuerich)

Euler systems and the Birch–Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for abelian surfaces

— 11h45-12h45: Ziyang Gao (Hannover)

Torsion points in families of abelian varieties