Number Theory Days

The Number Theory Days (NTD) is a series of conferences initiated in 2004 by Eva Bayer (EPFL) and Gisbert Wuestholz (ETHZ) .

The first edition took place in Zuerich in 2004 and was organized by Eva Bayer and Richard Pink and then alternated between Lausanne and Zuerich. In 2017, the number theory group at University of Basel joined the NTD and our conference is now rotating between Basel, Lausanne and Zürich. The current organizers are Philipp Habegger (Basel), Philippe Michel and Maryna Viazovska (Lausanne) and Ozlem Immamoglu (Zuerich). 

The NTD are constituted of 4, 5 or 6 one hour lectures on various aspects of number theory and usually starts on a Friday afternoon and concludes the following Saturday before noon. 

The previous (16th) edition of the Number Theory Days took place at ETHZ in October 2019. Due to the COVID outbreak the 17th edition was postponed twice. We are therefore particularly happy to be able to resume the NTD in 2022.

The 17th Number Theory Days will take place (in person) in Lausanne on

 Friday September 30th/ Saturday October 1st 2022

The invited speakers are

  • Ziyang Gao (Hannover)
  • Morten Risager (Copenhagen)
  • Jack Thorne (Cambridge)
  • Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh (Carleton)
  • Sarah Zerbes (ETH Zuerich)

Exceptionally, this year, the NTD will be preceded by a special lecture from

  • Jean-Pierre Serre (College de France)

who will deliver the fourth episode of his lecture series “Souvenirs Mathématiques

“Souvenirs Mathématiques 4: formes modulaires”

Previous Number Theory Days

Previous organisers

  • Eva Bayer (EPFL)
  • Emmanuel Kowalski (ETHZ)
  • Richard Pink (ETHZ)
  • Gisbert Wustholz (ETHZ)