Available positions

We are currently offering 3 Master projects (minimal duration: 4 months full-time)

Proteostasis in the zebrafish

The project will involve various techniques such as DNA cloning, zebrafish transgenesis and multicolor fluorescence imaging to investigate the regulatino of protein synthesis and degradation during Zebrafish development. The project is to be carried out jointly with the laboratory of Andy Oates (https://www.epfl.ch/labs/oateslab/).

Protein homeostasis during early development

Using a single cell, live approach that we pioneered (Alber et al., Mol Cell 2018), this project will focus on how protein synthesis and degradation are modulated during ES cell differentiation.

Quantitative analysis of transcription factor activity

The activity of transcription factors (TFs) on cell fate decisions depends on their cumulative concentration over time. However monitoring their accumulation over time in single cells is challenging. The project will aim at developing a strategy allowing progressive changes in the expression levels of two spectrally distinct fluorescent proteins as a function of TF levels.

PhD student and Post-doc Positions

We are always interested to hear from candidates passionate about gene regulation and quantitative cell biology. If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected]