Stochastic Dynamics and Stochastic Equations

The workshop is part of the  Bernoulli Center program at EPFL, to be held  March 25 (Monday) -March 27 (Wednesday), 2024.  The focus will be on SDEs, SPDEs, stochastic dynamics of stochastic equations, and related topics.

It will start on Monday morning and conclude on Wednesday afternoon.

Short talks: There will be an additional short talk /discussion /poster session on Monday morning and evening, Tuesday Morning and Wednesday afternoon.

For young person’s session and other scientific questions, please contact Dr. Florian Huber at the following email address: florian.huber[at]

Invited Speakers:

Zdzislaw Brzezniak (York), Oleg Butkovskiy (TU Berlin), Laure Coutin (Toulouse), Michele Coti Zelati (Imperial College London), Arnaud Debussche (Rennes), Aurelien Deya (Lorraine), Peter Friz (TU Berlin), Mate Gerencser(TU Vienna),  Arnaud Guillin (Clermond Ferrand), Antoine Jacquier (Imperial College London),  Sebastian Kassing (Bielefeld),  Eyal Neuman (Imperial College London),  Ivan Nourdin (Luxembourg), Anastasia Papavasiliou (Warwick), Etienne Pardoux (Marseille), G. Pavliotis (Imperial College London),  Alexandre Richard (CentraleSupélec), Wilhelm Stannat (TU Berlin), Yuzhao Wang (Univ. of Birmingham)


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Access to Venue

The EPFL campus is served by metro line M1 (from the Renens and Lausanne-Flon metro stations) and by bus (from Morges).

The workshop takes place on the EPFL campus at the university’s Bernoulli Center. You will find it at the intersection of Chemins des Alambics and Avenue François-Alphonse Forel.

You enter the GA building at the North side and take either the stairs or the elevator to the third floor.

From Renens station (Zones 11 and 12 or Greater Lausanne). Approx. travel time: 10 – 15 mins.

  • Take the metro m1 direction Lausanne-Flon and get off at UNIL-Sorge. Walk about 5 minutes to Bernouilli center.

From Geneva/Zurich airports Approx. 1h10 from Geneva airport, 2h45 from Zurich airport.

  • You can reach Lausanne easily by train. There are direct connections from Geneva and Zurich airports. You can easily get off at Lausanne Gare or Renens Gare stations.

From Lausanne station (Zones 11 and 12 or Greater Lausanne) Approx. travel time: 30 min.

  • Take the metro m2 towards Croisettes and get off at Lausanne-Flon.
  • Then take the Metro m1 towards Renens-CFF and get off at UNIL-Sorge. Walk about 5 minutes to Bernoulli center.

From Morges (3 Zones). Approx. travel time: about 20 min.

  • Take the MBC line 701 towards Lausanne Bourdonnette.
  • Get off at Champagne station. Walk about 5 minutes to Bernoulli center.