Screenshot of the w$eb viewer we developed in this work.

First project completed: Web viewer for flood risk communication

— We completed the first project at SOIL: in a collaboration with Izni Mohd Zahidi from Monash University in Malaysia and the ENAC-IT4R team, we have been working on creating a public flood web viewer over the past year. The web viewer visualises flood risks in the Selangor River catchment in Malaysia. You can check it out at

Meret, Xinru, Kristina, Bence, and Lorenz (from left to right) © 2024 Meret Aeppli

Xinru joined SOIL (and other good news)!

— With the arrival of the new year, SOIL has a new member: Xinru Liu!

© 2023 EPFL

Interview with Meret in the Dimensions magazine

— Meret is featured in the newest edition of the EPFL Dimensions magazine (#10).

© RTS - Sarah Dirren

Discover the Institut de recherche sur lʹenvironnement

— Discovering the ALPOLE Institute for Research on the Alpine and Polar Environment at EPFL Valais Wallis Sion.

From left to right: Orly, Emma, Kristina, Jasmin, Shushu, Bence, and Romain © 2023 Meret Aeppli

Shushu and Jasmin joined SOIL for their semester projects

— Shushu and Jasmin joined the SOIL group for the fall semester. Welcome!

Giulia and her poster (with Meret) at the ENAC Research Day © 2023 Emma DeFrang

SOIL at ENAC Research Day

— Giulia presented her MSc thesis work on a poster at the ENAC research day.

SOIL group in the Alpole yard. From left to right: Emma, Meret, Kristina, Romain, Lorenz, and Antoine. © 2023 Meret Aeppli

Romain joined SOIL!

— SOIL has another new member: Romain Castro- welcome!

New publication in ACS Earth & Space Chemistry

— Meret co-authered a review article recently published in ACS Earth and Space Chemistry. The work was led by Emily Lacroix, who is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Lausanne. The article is part of a special issue on Environmental Redox Processes and Contaminant and Nutrient Dynamics.

The SOIL group in August (from left to right): Meret, Antoine, Bence, Emma, Lorenz, Kristina, and Orly. © 2023 Meret Aeppli

Emma joined SOIL!

— SOIL welcomed a new member this month: Emma DeFrang!

Our field site in Binntal. From left to right: Eric, Bence, Antoine, Kristina, Lorenz and Meret.© 2023 Meret Aeppli

Field work in Valais

— Kristina and Bence started their field work in Binntal and Vallon de Réchy. They are supported by Antoine and Eric.

From left to right: Lorenz, Orly, and Meret © 2023 Meret Aeppli

Orly joined SOIL!

— SOIL has a new member: Orly Mendoza. Welcome!

© 2023 EPFL

Meret's inaugural lecture

— Prof. Meret Aeppli gave her inaugural lecture on May 31.

© 2023 Meret Aeppli

EPFL Open Days

— SOIL at EPFL Open Days!

© 2023 Meret Aeppli

Visit at SLF in Davos

— SOIL visited SLF in Davos. Thank you for welcoming us!

From left to right: Meret, Lorenz, and Kristina. © M. Aeppli 2023

Lorenz joined SOIL!

— SOIL has its first postdoctoral researcher: Lorenz Schwab. Welcome!

Roc de la Vache, Valais © M. Aeppli 2022

Article on CLIMACT website

— New article by Meret on CLIMACT website.

SOIL group in front of ALPOLE; from left to right: Kristina, Jonas, Bence, and Giulia. © 2023 M. Aeppli

Giulia and Jonas joined SOIL for their theses

— Giulia and Jonas joined the SOIL group for the spring semester. Welcome!

University of Bern © 2023 matho

Visit at Uni Bern

— Meret gave a talk in the Soil Science Colloquium at Uni Bern.

© 2023 EPFL

Meret's talk at UNIL

— Meret gave the first talk of the new semester at the ISTE & IDYST Seminar Series at UNIL.

© Elizaveta Sharaborova 2023. From left to right: Kristina, Géraldine, Meret, and Bence.

Kristina and Bence joined SOIL!

— SOIL has two new group members: Kristina Bright and Bence Dienes. Welcome!