Collapse Assessment of Steel Structures

From an engineering perspective we should try to predict the probability of collapse of a structure because it permits us to reduce casualties and financial losses and set priorities for effective retrofits. In RESSLab we develop high-fidelity analytical models in order to accurately simulate instabilities and complex deteriorating phenomenal of steel materials and components subjected to extreme loading. These models are then utilized to simulate structural collapse of steel frame buildings under extreme loading such as earthquakes and/or fire. The video below illustrates a collapse simulation of an 8-story steel moment-resisting frame under an earthquake with a low probability of occurrence.



Of particular interest is the challenge to quantify the effects of various sources of aleatory and epistemic uncertainties on the collapse resistance of various structural steel systems under multiple hazards. This is an important step towards quantifying the structural robustness of such systems when subjected to natural hazards. In RESSLab we are working on the development and utilization of high-performance steel materials that minimize the collapse risk of steel structures under multiple hazards.