Light generation and manipulation

Light generation and manipulation is important for communication, signal processing and many others applications. In addition to the nonlinear techniques, which is are very powerful ways to convert light from one frequency band to another or to generate frequency combs, we also work with lasing systems and other ways to control and shape light, such as through the Talbot effect. Our work on lasers is based on doped optical fibers, such as with erbium or thulium. We are mostly interested in the design of simple but all-fibers robust cavities. For example we have investigated how to eliminate isolators, which are expensive and have a limited operational bandwidth, by engineering the shape of the optical cavity, or how to design simple modelocked cavities which are wavelength stabilized by fiber Braggs.  In addition to studying and leveraging intra-cavity dynamics, we also investigate out of cavity manipulations, such as by using the Talbot effect, shaping with electro optic modulators, spatial light modulators and more.

Selected Publications:

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