Prof. Camille-Sophie Brès

Short bio

Camille-Sophie Brès is an associate professor at EPFL in the institute of Electrical Engineering. She received her bachelor degree with honors in electrical engineering from McGill University, Canada, in 2002. She obtained her PhD in electrical engineering from Princeton University in 2006. After a post-doctoral position at the University of California San Diego, she joined EPFL in 2011 as a tenure track professor and director of the Photonic Systems Laboratory. She and her team specialize on the design, simulation and demonstration of optical waveguides and devices for enhancing and controlling nonlinear processes aimed at light generation, signal processing, or sensing. The group’s work exploits dispersion engineering offered by integrated photonics, material properties of various optical platforms, and architectural features of systems to enable improved functionalities of nonlinear devices. Since 2023 she is the director of the Doctoral Program in Photonics at EPFL.

She was awarded the early career Women in Photonics Award from the European Optical Society in 2016, as well as ERC starting (2012), Consolidator (2017) and Proof of Concept (2019) grants. She has regularly served on the technical program committees for various international conferences (CLEO US, CLEO Eu, OFC, ECOC, Advanced Photonic Congress), was CLEO S&I Program Chair in 2022 and General Chair in 2024, and is an OPTICA fellow.



NLO Hawaii, ‘Electric-field-induced Nonlinearities in Silicon Nitride Integrated Photonics’, Hololulu USA

CLEO, ‘Electric-field-induced nonlinearities in silicon nitride nanophotonics’, San Jose USA

Photonics West, ‘Nonlinear optical functions in silicon nitride integrated photonics’, San Francisco USA

Photonics West, ‘Photo-induced nonlinearities in silicon nitride microresonators’, San Francisco USA


IEEE BENELUX Photonics Chapter, Keynote ‘Nonlinear optics in Si3N4 nanophotonics’, Twente Netherland

GDR ELIOS workshop, ‘Electric field-induced nonlinearities in silicon nitride nanophotonics’, Marseille France

Workshop on Frequency comb: Fundamentals and applications, ‘Photo-induced nonlinearities in silicon nitride nanophotonics’, Brussels Belgium

European Optical Society Annual meeting, ‘Photo-induced nonlinearities in silicon nitride nanophotonics’, Porto Portugal


CHI 2 Photonics Conference Online, ‘chi(2) photonics in silicon nitride’

OPTICA Advanced Photonics Congress online meeting, ‘Versatile soliton microcombs for radiofrequency photonic filters’

OPTICA Sensing and Sensing Congress online meeting, ‘Tailored on-chip mid-IR light generation and application for gas spectroscopy’

IEEE Photonic Society Summer Topicals online meeting, ‘Exploiting soliton states in SiN microresonator for reconfigurable radiofrequency filters’


Asia Communication and Photonics Conference Online meeting , ‘Soliton Microcombs for RF Photonic Filters’

SPIE Photonex  + Vacuum Expo 2020 Digital Forum Online KEYNOTE, ‘Silicon nitride waveguides: towards a complete toolbox for nonlinear integrated photonic’

CLEO Pacific Rim Online meeting, ‘Soliton states of micro-resonator for reconfigurable microwave photonic filters’

ECIO Online meeting,Supercontinuum generation in Silicon Nitride waveguides’

OSA Advanced Photonics Congress online meeting, ‘Nonlinear Frequency Conversion in Si3N4 Waveguides’

Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) online meeting,Mid-infrared gas spectroscopy using fiber driven supercontinuum’

Photonics West, Enhanced 2nd order nonlinearity in Si3N4 through optical poling’, San Francisco, USA



XVII international Workshop on Instabilities and NonEquilibrium, ‘Exploiting soliton states of micro resonator for microwave photonic filters’, Valparaiso, Chile

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International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, ‘Recent nonlinear optics advances in Silicon Nitride waveguides’, Girona, Spain

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2016 International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, Efficient broadband parametric conversion: reaching for the Mid IR,’ Trento, Italy



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Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS), ‘Engineered optical parametric processes for wideband RF analyzer and pulse generation,’ Prague, Czech Republic


2014 AECC-ACOFT, ‘Optical Sinc-shaped Nyquist pulses from rectangular frequency comb synthesis for high spectral efficiency,’ Melbourne, Australia

Coming Soon: Optical Frequency Comb from Supercontinuum Generation, C.-S- Brès and C. Lafforgue

Chapter 17: All optical pulse shaping for highest spectral efficiency, C.-S. Brès and J. Leuthold, in All –optical signal processing for data communication and storage application, Springer, edited by Stefan Wabnitz and Ben Eggleton, 2015

Chapter 6: Incoherent Optical CDMA systems, in Optical Code Division Multiple Access, Fundamentals and Applications, Taylor & Francis, edited by Paul R. Prucnal, 2006

Conference/Workshop/special even chair

2024 General Chair, CLEO, Charlotte USA
2023 Organizer Photonics Day, EPFL
2022 Workshop organizer ECOC CLEO focus
2022 Progam Chair, CLEO San Jose USA
2022 Program Chair, OPTICA Advanced Photonics Congress, Specialty Optical Fibers
2021 Co-organizer 2-day Workshop as part of ETN European project MEFISTA
2020-2022 Sub-committee Chair SC1  European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC)
2020-2021 Sub-committee Chair S&I 11 CLEO
2018 Workshop organizer ECOC
2017 Sub-committee Chair OFC 


Technical program committee (Selection)

2024 OTPICA Advanced Photonics Congress, Nonlinear Photonics (NP)
2019 – 2024 ECOC, SC 1: Novel Fibres, Fibre Devices & Amplifiers
2022 – 2024 OFC, D4: Fibers and Propagation Physics
2017 – 2021 CLEO, S&I11 : Fiber Photonics: Novel Phenomena, Lasers, Systems and Fabrication
2019, 2021 CLEO Europe, Optical Technologies for Communications and Data Storage
2021 OPTICA Advanced Photonics Congress, Integrated Photonics Research, Photonic Devices
2015 – 2017 OFC, D5: Fiber Devices, Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers, and Nonlinear Waveguides
2011 – 2016 ECOC, SC 1: Novel Fibres, Fibre Devices & Amplifiers


Institutional responsabilities at EPFL

2023 – present Director of the doctoral program in Photonics EDPO
2022 – present Member of the Scientific Committee of EPFL Center for Quantum Science and Technology
2021 – present Innovation board member (Switzerland NTN Innovation Booster Photonics)
2021 Member on the Working group for the evaluation of the 1st year bachelor
2013 – present Member on 5 Faculty search committees at EPFL
2012 – present Mentor for graduate students within the Photonics doctoral school at EPFL
2012 – 2023 Committee member of the doctoral program in Photonics EDPO (EDPO)
2015 – 2021 Elected member of the Council of EPFL teacher (CCE)
2013 – 2018 Study advisor for the 2018 graduating class in Electrical Engineering at EPFL


Refereeing activities

Journals Include: Nature Photonics, Nature Communications, Laser and Photonics Review, IEEE Photonics Journal, Nature Scientific Reports, Nanophotonics IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Optics Express, Optics Letters, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, Optics Communications, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
Fund. Agencies Include: French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR); German Research Foundation (DFG), European Research Council (ERC),
Lectures and Panels

2023: Lecturer GDR Elios Summer school, ‘Supercontinuum in integrated waveguides’

2022: Panelist CLEO 2022 Special Event “Optimizing Career Paths in Optics: The Guide for Young Professionals,”

2022: Lecturer ePIXfab course on silicon nitride PICs, ‘Nonlinear optical functions enabled by SiN PICs’

2021: Lecturer Ligentec Winter School Online, ‘Silicon nitride for nonlinear integrated photonics’ 

2019: Lecturer ePIXfab silicon photonics summer ‘Nonlinear Optics: moving from fiber to integrated approaches’

2019: Speaker Frontiers in Photonics, ‘Pushing nonlinear frequency conversion in SiN integrated waveguides’

2017: Speaker Symposium on Future Prospects for Photonics on Mid-Infrared Light Sources and Applications, ‘Nonlinear parametric processes in waveguides for versatile SWIR and Mid-IR light generation’, 

2015, 2016, 2020: Speaker to Gymnasium Students to promote engineering to women ‘The path of an electrical engineer (an illustrated example from one individual)’

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  • I gave a short interview for the Optics Society (OSA) in March 2017 as part of the Centennial Authentic Moment videos, where I share my story in terms of what inspired me to get in optics, what excited me about my work and what does the OSA mean to me (link)
  • My work was featured in an interview with the Radio Télévision Suisse : ‘Et la lumière fuse : lumière et fibre optique’, radio program CQFD (‘Ce Qu’il Faut Démontrer’ translated What Has to be Demonstrated), RTS la 1ere Décembre 2015.
  • I wrote a contributed article entitled ‘Quel avenir pour la fibre optique ?’ to the popular science magazine La recherche in July 2015.
  • My work was featured in the framework of a television program Imaginez un monde television serie (RTS1) in January 2015. The piece is entitled ‘Le couteau suisse des lasers’. (link)
  • I gave a short interview for Magazine UBS in January 2015. The piece is entitled ‘Tout sur la lumière’, (link)