About the Photonic Systems Laboratory

The photonic systems laboratory (PHOSL) research topics are centered around the study of optical nonlinear processes in waveguides, such as silica step index fibers, soft-glasses microstructured fibers or integrated (CMOS fabrication process compatible) waveguides. In the last decades, the versatile and complex nature of nonlinear effects has established them as unique optical processing devices and light sources. Nonlinear effects in waveguides are indeed an elegant and powerful technique to achieve all-optical ultra-fast processing, efficient frequency mixing and wavelength conversion.

Our research is thus aimed at the design of efficient and flexible devices for use in all-optical systems and the study of novel waveguiding structures for enhanced nonlinear properties outside of the telecommunication bands, such as the middle infrared.


Publication in Nature Communications. The paper entitled “Reconfigurable radiofrequency filters based on versatile soliton microcombs”  by Jianqi Hu 1*, Jijun He 2*, Junqiu Liu 2*, Arslan S. Raja 2*, Maxim Karpov 2*, Anton Lakashchuk 2*, Tobias J. Kippenberg 2*, Camille Sophie Brès 1* is published in Nature Communications, 11, Article number: 4377, September 2020 (1* PHOSL, 2*LPQM)..

Prof. Brès is nominated “Senior Member” of the Optical Society (November 2019).

Publication in Nature Communications. The paper entitled Mid infrared gas spectroscopy using efficient fiber laser driven photonic chip-based supercontinuum”  by Davide Grassani 1*, Eirini Tagkoudi 1*, Hairun Guo 2*4*, Clemens Herkommer 2*, Fan Yang 3*, Tobias J. Kippenberg 2*, and Camille-Sophie Brès 1*, is published in Nature Communications, Article number: 1553, April 2019 (1*PHOSL, 2*LPQM, 3*GFO, 4* Shanghai University).

Congratulations to Sida Xing.  On January 21, 2019, Sida defended his thesis entitled Development of coherent mid-infrared source using chalcogenide photonic crystal fiberswith success. Bravo Dr Xing!

Eirini Tagkoudi received the Best Poster Award at the EPFL Photonics Day on December 10, 2018 for her poster “Mid-IR gas spectroscopy using efficient fiber laser driven photonic chip-based supercontinuum”.

Prof. Brès was named as Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering in the School of Engineering (STI) (December 2018).

Publication in Nature Communications. The paper entitled “Large second harmonic generation enhancement in Si 3 N 4 waveguides by all-optically induced quasi-phase-matching” by Adrien Billat 1*, Davide Grassani 1*, Martin H.P. Pfeiffer 2*, Svyatoslav Kharitonov 1*, Tobias J. Kippenberg 2* and Camille-Sophie Brès 1* is published in Nature Communications, October 2017 (1* PHOSL, 2* K-Lab).

Congratulations to Svyatoslav Kharitonov.  On July 6, 2017, Svyatoslav defended his thesis entitled “Unidirectional isolator-free 2 micron fiber lasers” with success. Bravo Dr Kharitonov!

The Early Career Women in Photonics Award went to Camille-Sophie Brès for her outstanding research and work on Fiber and Waveguide Optics. The award was presented at the European Optical Society Biennial Meeting (EOSAM) in Berlin, Germany, 27 September, 2016.

The Optical Society presented the 2016 Advanced Solid-State Lasers Conference Outstanding Poster Presentation Award to Svyatoslav Kharitonov in recognition of the paper Unidirectional all-fiber thulium-doped laser based on theta cavity and fiber Bragg grating as filtering element“.

At The EPFL  Photonics Day on November 11, 2016, Svyatoslav Kharitonov received the Second Prize for the Flash Presentations in 180 seconds.