Student Projects

Student projects 2019/2020

Master thesis and student projects
We are looking for motivated master students interested in cancer genomics studies and functional annotation of genetic lesions frequently altered in cancer.
Project 1. Define the functional role of frequently altered genes in lymphoma.
Genomic analyses in a large collection of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients pinpointed frequent alterations
in several genes that can influence lymphoma development. Using genome-editing technologies we are mimicking these alterations in vitro and in vivo and we want to characterize their role
in tumor pathogenesis. Experimentally, this project includes analysis of genomic data, molecular and
cellular biology techniques, as for example cloning, western blot, cell infection and cell sorting. This project
will be done in collaboration with Stephanie Sunglee.
Project 2. Genetic screenings to identify novel therapeutic targets
We are using Crispr/Cas9 libraries in combination with targeted specific inhibitors to identify novel
therapeutic targets in lymphoma. Moreover the screening will highlight genes that act synergistically
or induce resistance. This project required Crispr/Cas9 libraries preparation, cell infection, sequencing
analyses, and cloning. This project will be done in collaboration with Elena Battistello.
Project 3. Metabolic characterization of Primitive Neuro-Ectodermal tumors.
Primitive Neuro-Ectodermal tumors (PNET) are a rare form of pediatric brain tumors. We developed
a mouse model using human pluripotent stem cells (iPS) and neural precursor to study PNET
development and progression. Now, we are using this model to define metabolic and
epigenetic changes associated with tumor development. In this project, you will be able to
learn how to manipulate and differentiate iPS cells in Neural precursors, genetically modified the cells
and test the effect of altered gene in tumor development. This project will be done in collaboration
with Maria Donaldson.
Contact [email protected] for more information about these projects.