Coworkers Around the World

Our work involves several collaborations at various moments with internationally renowned groups all over the world. For example, recent collaborators that have led to publications have included :

C. Copéret (ETH Zürich), M. Grätzel (EPFL), B.F. Chmelka (UCSB), P. Bowen & K. Scrivener (EPFL), J.-M. Basset (KAUST), M. Blackledge (Grenoble), M. Ceriotti (EPFL), P.J. Grandinetti (Ohio-State), M.H. Levitt (Southampton), C.J. Pickard (St. Andrews), H. Oschkinat (Berlin), P. Tordo & O. Ouari (Marseille), D. Farrusseng (IRCE Lyon), Maksym Kovalenko (ETH Zürich).