Micro-hydrodynamics of confined flows in complex geometries : applications to micro-vascular flows

Thursday March 10, 2011, at 10:15 – Room MEB10

Abstract :

The flow of confined bubbles, particles or red blood cells in highly
complex structures is of importance in many micro-fluidic or biological
problems. The talk will present recent advances related to the control of
micro-bubbling in micro-channels, the modelling of blood rheology in
complex channels and the simulation of blood flow in micro-vascular networks.
In those problems, the geometry confinement is a key constraint of the hydrodynamics.

The first part of the talk will explain how the confinement governs the
capillary-viscous pinching of an elongated bubble in a pinched channel.
In a second part, the talk will review the micro-hydrodynamics of
confined suspensions, where the effective blood viscosity and the phase
separation are two ingredient to call for modelling. We will give an
overview of previously proposed models, as well as some implementation
difficulties arising in  complex channels.

Alternative formulation for phase separation will be proposed.
The last part of the talk will be devoted to the simulation of blood
flow in digitalised highly complex micro-vascular networks. Starting from
3D synchrotron Computed tomography X-rays images, we present the
reconstruction algorithms, and the flow simulations. Some biologically
relevant results concerning the perfusion fluxes will be presented.


by Dr F. Plouraboué
(IMFT, UMR 5502, Toulouse, France)