Parametric Faraday Waves and Suppression of the Side-Wall Non-Ideality

Type: Master’s project

A shallow corral surrounding the cylindrical reservoir is used as a damper for suppressing sidewall non-ideality effects, i.e. meniscus waves, which represent an undesired perturbation in typical experimental setups involving Faraday waves.

To compute the free surface response to a vertical harmonic forcing. The outcomes of such an analysis will be helpful in designing the experimental setup, i.e. definition of a suitable container geometry for  meniscus wave suppression.

Numerical tools:

  • Chebyshev pseudospectral method + sub-domain decomposition (MATLAB)
  • FEM software for DNS (COMSOL Multiphysics)

Numerics/theory combined with experiments: devices/facilities provided by mimiX

Joined collaboration LFMI/mimiX (

  • Timeline: approx. February – June
  • Location: mainly EPFL + few times at Switzerland Innovation Park in Biel/Bienne

Supervisors: Alessandro Bongarzone and François Gallaire