Swiss Materiality

In the experiments with GANs, implicitly pursuing Swissness as an aesthetic choice, this new alliance between humans and machines hint at the emergence of new architectural forms by merging contextual relevance and accidental novelty, and pointing towards a new definition of Swissness.

GANs offer contextual roots by being able to learn from regional precedents and inherit cultural visual qualities (Frampton 1983), yet open up room for invention by introducing imprecisions and glitches (Austin and Matthews 2018). The imprecision and ambiguity which disrupt the normative disciplinary representation entail the discovery of new spatial and formal arrangements and new material combinations.

Detail by Yasmine El Karmoudi
Detail by Nicolas Mahren
Detail by Thomas Gobet
Detail by Kimberlyne Nguyen
Detail by Mathieu Iffland
Detail by Simone Izzo
Detail by Tamara Lobo
Detail by Leslie Faisan
Detail by Leslie Faisan

Keywords: Artificial Design, Swissness, Materiality, Constructive Detail.

Studio tutors: Christina Doumpioti, Christoph Holz, Mikhael Johanes, Frederick Kim, Gianna Ledermann
Professor: Jeffrey Huang