Personal Interaction Studio 2016

The Future of Maps I (Experience Design) served as the 2016 theme for the Personal Interaction Studio (CS-489). The map itself has emerged as one of the most ubiquitous interactive objects of our digital mobile age. It plays a significant role in our contemporary understanding of information (abstract data and physical spaces). This term, the studio aims to reinterpret the map as a digital, live, interactive artifact. The goal is to create meaningful interactive data-driven maps as both a digital visualization interface.

keywords: Javascript, Web App, IC, PxS, Masters, Prediction, Data Visualization, Social Media Data, Facebook Graph API, Maps

featured projects: Pulse (Jonathan Stéphane Oskar & Pierre Romain Gabioude)
supervisor: Immanuel Koh
professor: Jeffrey Huang
invited external guests: Xavier Comtesse (Think Tank for Swisstopo),Jan Christoph Zoels (Experientia), Nicolas Nova (Near Future Laboratory)

Image credits: MxD