Augmented Boutique

Augmented Boutique is part of a series of experimental projects in experience design conducted at the intersection of architecture and computer science (UE X).

The aim is to examine the effects of digitalization on architectural typologies in contemporary cities. How do architectural and urban conceptions of space change with the infiltration of new elements of interactivity? Which new experiences and typologies become possible?

Experience Design Workshops

This project – Augmented Boutique – focuses on the augmented boutique and in particular on the experience of the “horlogerie”. We examine the typology of the Swiss watch boutiques, question its traditional design, and propose alternative experiences that combine both physical and virtual artefacts in proof-of-concept prototypes.

First we perform rigorous mapping and critical analysis of (i) the actors involved, (ii) spatial-temporal flows of experience, and (iii) key touchpoints to provide a comprehensive view and critique of the current experience. Then we redesign particular touch points following a design concept or strategy. Digital interfaces, augmented physical artefacts, novel interfaces are considered as possible alternative of existing touch points, by taking account the re-configuration of sense of perception, re-distribute time, and re-orchestrate the configuration of emotional experience.

Experience Mapping
Design Pitch

Tutors: Christina Doumpioti, Christoph Holz, Mikhael Johanes, Frederick Kim, Gianna Ledermann

Professor: Jeffrey Huang

Image credits:  MxD