Cryogenic ion spectroscopy combined with ion mobility or high-resolution mass spectrometry – Ultracold chemical reactions


Welcome to the laboratoire de chimie physique moléculaire (LCPM). Our lab houses four research groups that focus on different aspects of gas phase molecular spectroscopy and dynamics:

  • In the group of Prof. Tom Rizzo (director of LCPM), we investigate the structure and dynamics of biologically relevant ions by combining cryogenic ion spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and ion mobility.
  • The group of Dr. Oleg Boyarkine develops techniques using cryogenic, photofragmentation mass spectrometry for analytical chemistry.
  • The group of Prof. Rainer Beck and  studies gas-surface chemistry with state-selected and oriented gas-phase molecules.
  • The group of Dr. Andreas Osterwalder performs merged-beam experiments to investigate chemical dynamics near absolute zero.


08.01.2019: Congratulations to Oleg Boyarkine and Vladimir Kopysov, who in collaboration with Alexander Makarov (Thermo Fischer), were granted a US Patent on their innovative 2D UV-MS analytical technology after four years of investigation by the IP authorities.  Well done!

Our recent paper on the structure of the protonated serine octamer made it to the cover of JACS!

Our project entitled High-Throughput Cryogenic Spectroscopy for Glycan Analysis was recently awarded an ERC Advanced Grant!