Short talk Single-molecule enzymology of chromatin ubiquitination

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2023-07-01.  p. S26-S26.

Tubulin engineering by semi-synthesis reveals that polyglutamylation directs detyrosination

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Target search dynamics of Sox transcription factors

S. Sakong; D. Suter; B. Fierz 

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Development of multiplexed single-molecule imaging techniques to study chromatin invasion dynamics of chromatin effector proteins

K. Makasheva / B. Fierz (Dir.)  

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Multivalent Peptide Ligands To Probe the Chromocenter Microenvironment in Living Cells

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Multiplexed single-molecule experiments reveal Cas9 nucleosome invasion dynamics

K. Makasheva; L. Bryan; M. Jinek; B. Fierz 

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Development of a single-molecule approach to observe ubiquitination dynamics in defined chromatin states

A. Teslenko; B. Fierz 

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Release of linker histone from the nucleosome driven by polyelectrolyte competition with a disordered protein

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Multiplexed Single-Molecule Experiments Reveal Nucleosome Invasion Dynamics of the Cas9 Genome Editor

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O-GlcNAcylation of High Mobility Group Box 1 (HMGB1) Alters Its DNA Binding and DNA Damage Processing Activities

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SUV39 SET domains mediate crosstalk of heterochromatic histone marks

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A single-molecule multiplexed approach to study Cas9 nucleosomes invasion

K. Makasheva; L. Bryan; B. Fierz 

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Development of a single-molecule approach to observe ubiquitination dynamics in defined chromatin states

A. Teslenko; B. Fierz 

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Applying Peptide and Protein Synthesis to Study Post-translational Modifications in Epigenetics and Beyond

B. Fierz 

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Dynamic Chromatin Invasion and Remodeling by the Transcription Factor Rap1

M. N. Mivelaz / B. Fierz (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2021. 


Torsin ATPases influence chromatin interaction of the Torsin regulator LAP1

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The Elusive Structure of Centro-Chromatin: Molecular Order or Dynamic Heterogenetity?

H. Nagpal; B. Fierz 

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BAF restricts cGAS on nuclear DNA to prevent innate immune activation

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Nucleosome Binding by the Lysine Specific Demethylase 1 (LSD1) Enzyme Enables Histone H3 Demethylation

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Structural mechanism of cGAS inhibition by the nucleosome

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Development of chemical biology tools to reveal the function and organization of the silenced chromatin state

N. Guidotti / B. Fierz; V. Hatzimanikatis (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2020. 

Chromatin Fiber Invasion and Nucleosome Displacement by the Rap1 Transcription Factor

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“Doubly Orthogonal” Labeling of Peptides and Proteins

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KAP1 is an antiparallel dimer with a functional asymmetry

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Chemical and biophysical methods to explore dynamic mechanisms of chromatin silencing

I. Boichenko; B. Fierz 

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Gene control with a “twist”: Exploring the dynamic chromatin landscape Gene control with a “twist”: Exploring the dynamic chromatin landscape

B. Fierz 

2019-07-01. Joint 12th EBSA European Biophysics Congress / 10th IUPAP International Conference on Biological Physics (ICBP), Madrid, SPAIN, Jul 20-24, 2019. p. S36-S36.

Revealing dynamic chromatin invasion by pioneer transcription factors on the single-molecule scale

B. Fierz 

2019-05-10.  p. 55-55.

A Modular Ligation Strategy for Asymmetric Bivalent Nucleosomes Trimethylated at K36 and K27

N. Guidotti; C. C. Lechner; A. L. Bachmann; B. Fierz 

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Revealing chromatin organization in metaphase chromosomes

B. Fierz 

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Chromatin Remodeling Induced by the Invasion of Yeast Pioneer Transcription Factor Rap1 Revealed by Single-Molecule FRET

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Biophysics of Chromatin Dynamics

B. Fierz; M. G. Poirier 

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Protein Engineering Tools to Explore the Function of Protein Post-Translational Modifications for Chromatin and Microtubule Cytoskeletal Biology

N. D. Agashe / B. Fierz (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2019. 

Single-molecule dynamics and genome-wide transcriptomics reveal that NF-kB (p65)-DNA binding times can be decoupled from transcriptional activation

A. Callegari; C. Sieben; A. Benke; D. M. Suter; B. Fierz et al. 

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A bi-terminal protein ligation strategy to probe chromatin structure during DNA damage

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Engineered Multivalent Sensors to Detect Coexisting Histone Modifications in Living Stem Cells

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Deciphering the chromatin binding mechanisms of human HP1 variants at the single-molecule level

L. C. Bryan / B. Fierz (Dir.)  

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Dynamic protein-chromatin interactions in heterochromatin and during the DNA damage response on the single molecule level

A. L. Bachmann / B. Fierz (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2018. 

Single-molecule FRET reveals multiscale chromatin dynamics modulated by HP1α

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Genetically encoded multivalent sensors to detect bivalent epigenetic modifications in living stem cells

A. M-F. Delachat / B. Fierz (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2017. 

DNA binding by PHF1 prolongs PRC2 residence time on chromatin and thereby promotes H3K27 methylation

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Single-molecule kinetic analysis of HP1-chromatin binding reveals a dynamic network of histone modification and DNA interactions

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Heterochromatin protein 1 recruitment and chromatin conformational dynamics at the single-molecule level

S. Kilic / B. Fierz (Dir.)  

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2016 International Symposium on Chemical Biology of the NCCR Chemical Biology Campus Biotech, Geneva 13-15.1.2016

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Dynamic Chromatin Regulation from a Single Molecule Perspective

B. Fierz 

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Heterochromatin Assembly and Dynamics on the Single Molecule Level

S. Kilic; B. Andreas; L. Bryan; B. Fierz 

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Molecular and Chemical Mechanism in Epigenetics – Swiss Summer School 2015 July 12–17, 2015, Hotel Kurhaus, Arolla, Switzerland

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Multivalency governs HP1α association dynamics with the silent chromatin state

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Sumoylated Human Histone H4 Prevents Chromatin Compaction by Inhibiting Long-range Internucleosomal Interactions

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B. Fierz 

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Histone monoubiquitylation position determines specificity and direction of enzymatic cross-talk with histone methyltransferases Dot1L and PRC2

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