Our main focus is to understand the molecular organization and function of chromatin – the DNA-protein complex which organizes the eukaryotic genome and regulates gene expression, as well as the cytoskeleton, using a combination of chemistry and biophysics.


There are open positions for PhD students and Postdocs!

We have been awarded a SNSF Advanced Grant, which will start in 2024! We are thus assembling a high-powered team of PhD students and postdocs for the challenging and exciting project “Site-specific Access of Regulatory Chromatin in Cells – siteSEARCH“. If you are interested to join, contact directly: [email protected].

New Paper!

Tubulin engineering by semisynthesis reveals that polyglutamylation directs detyrosination


CENP-A and CENP-B collaborate to create an open centromeric chromatin state

New Paper!

PR-DUB preserves Polycomb repression by preventing excessive accumulation of H2Aub1, an antagonist of chromatin compaction