Our main focus is to understand the molecular organization and function of chromatin, the DNA-protein complex which organizes the eukaryotic genome and regulates gene expression, using a combination of chemistry and biophysics.


There are open positions for PhD students!

If you are interested to perform a PhD thesis on the chemical biology and biophysics of chromatin or microtubules, directly contact: [email protected] 

If you are interested in a postdoctoral position, please contact: [email protected] 

Recent news:

March 2022:

Welcome to Po-Han Chang, a new PhD student.

February 2022:

Welcome to our new PostDoc Gina Grammbitter and to Wei Cai, a new PhD student.

September 2021:

Congrats to Kristina for the new paper in JACS.

August 2021:

LCBM welcomes Yana Berlina, a new PhD student. Welcome to Yuji Kamei, a new PhD student from LCBM and LSCO.

Kristina presented her work at the virtual CHSL Genome Engineering: CRISPR Frontiers conference. Congrats!

July 2021:

Alexandra and Kristina participated in the European Biophysics Conference (EBSA) in Vienna. Alexandra gave a short talk, and Kristina won a poster prize. Congratulations to both!

Recent publications:

New paper!

An approach to multiplex single molecule experiments, used to reveal Cas9 nucleosome invasion!

New review!

Find out about the higher order structure of the centromere!

New paper!

See the mechanism how the pioneer transcription factor Rap1 invades chromatin fibers!