Cellular and protein homeostasis webinars

Organizers: Alessandro Barducci, Paolo De Los Rios, Pierre Goloubinoff, Nadinath Nillegoda

Registration link for webinars till December 15, 2020 

Webinars list (Streaming on SwitchTube)

20/05/2020 Sebastian Hiller Dynamic chaperone-client interactions at atomic resolution
03/06/2020 Claes Andreasson The heat shock response, Hsp70 and a novel chaperone at the ribosomal tunnel exit
10/06/2020 Christian Hansen The protective role of DNAJ’s in Parkinson’s Disease
17/06/2020 Serena Carra Protein quality control of membraneless organelles: implications for the stress response and age-related diseases
24/06/2020 Si Wu Conformational dynamics of Hsp70 during the functional cycle
01/07/2020 Anat Ben-Zvi A gonadotropin-related receptor regulates somatic proteostasis in Caenorhabditis elegans
18/08/2020 David Balchin Chaperone solutions to protein misfolding
01/09/2020 Kausik Chakraborty Connecting metabolism and proteostasis through evolution
08/09/2020 Steffen Preissler Regulation of the Endoplasmic Reticulum chaperone BiP
15/09/2020 Reut Shalgi Chaperone network perturbations modulate ALS-related protein aggregation
22/09/2020 Stephan Fried <a href="https://mediaspace.epfl.ch/media/0_gkpajcb7 is pervasive across the E. coli proteome
29/09/2020 Heath Ecroyd The molecular chaperone action of the small heat shock chaperone proteins
06/10/2020 Janine Kirstein A novel Amyloid-beta pathology C. elegans model reveals distinct neurons as seeds of pathogenicity
13/10/2020 Gilad Haran Single-molecule FRET probes fast dynamics in protein machines: the case of ClpB
20/10/2020 Danny Hatters Surveying a changing landscape of proteome foldedness, aggregation and conformation under proteostasis stress
27/10/2020 Anne Wentink Disaggregation of amyloid fibres by the human Hsp70 chaperone
03/11/2020 Allan Drummond Rethinking the cellular heat shock response
10/11/2020 Hilal Lashuel Rethinking protein aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases
17/11/2020 Maya Schuldiner TBA
24/11/2020 Patricija van Oosten-Hawle TBA
01/12/2020 Matthias Mayer TBA
08/12/2020 Eilika Weber-Ban Molecular machines involved in mycobacterial protein quality control pathways
15/12/2020 Olivier Genest TBA