LBEM Group Seminars

Group seminars are every Tuesday at 9:00 am. 

26.01.2023Carsten Sachse and Knut Müller-Caspary with colleagues in LBEM
31.01.2023Lukas van den HeuvelBSP626
07.02.2023(no seminar, CIME day)(CIME day is in BC 420)
14.02.2023Joseph PlotBSP234 (Auditoire II)
21.02.2023RicardoBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
28.02.2023MeltemBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
07.03.2023DomenicBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
14.03.2023InayBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
21.03.2023NotashBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
28.03.2023SergeyBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
04.04.2023GerardBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
11.04.2023MartaBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
18.04.2023KazadiBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
25.04.2023AmandaBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
02.05.2023InésBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
09.05.2023BerkBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
16.05.2023DanielBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
23.05.2023MarcBSP 233 (Auditoire III)
30.05.2023SandorBSP 233 (Auditoire III)

The list is maintained by Domenic. If you have any questions / requests please contact him.

Daily Kitchen Routine:

  • Clean the coffee machine
  • Clean the milk system according to above video
  • Clean the coffee filter
  • Fill up coffee beans
  • Fill the milk system
  • Clean the fridge if needed
  • Clean the microwave if needed
  • Run the dishwasher and empty it if needed
  • Empty the sorting bins if needed
  • Clean the sink if dirty
  • Make sure the tables are in order, sometimes clean the tables

Weekly Kitchen Routine:

  • Feed the plants once a week
  • Change the hand cloth once a week


  • Close the balcony door when leaving + turn off the light
  • Clean the white board if needed
  • Turn of the coffee machine when leaving at the end of the day