Projects & Internships

LAMP offers to I&C students a selection of topics for their semester or master projects. A list of all currently available topics is available.

We provide a non-exhaustive list of publications (reports, etc.) written during past semester and master projects and internships.

Reactive Programming and Parallelism

This course introduces parallel and reactive programming. We build upon functional programming. We present parallel data structures and algorithms, mapreduce frameworks, “futures”, and actors.

This is a spring semester course for second year bachelor students that carries 4 credits.

Programming Principles

This course introduces students to advanced programming techniques found in modern languages, such as Scala. Student will understand the principles and applications of declaratative programming and the fundamental models of program execution. The will understand and apply fundamental methods of program composition as well as of meta-programming through the construction of interpreters.

This is an optional Autumn semester course for SIN and SSC master students (four credits).

Foundations of Software

The study of type systems and of programming languages, from a type-theoric perspective, has important applications in software engineering, language design, high-performance compilers and security. In this course, the student will learn the basic principles of type systems as they appear in modern programming languages. The acquired knowledge will be sufficient to design small type systems, but it will also sharpen the student’s awareness of typeful programming as such. The latter is an indispensable task when programming in strongly typed languages.

This is an optional Autumn semester course for SIN and SSC master students (four credits).

Advanced Compiler Construction

The student will learn about techniques used to implement high level languages, and compilation techniques used to obtain high performance on modern computer architectures. He will also get the opportunity to study one of these tech niques in depth and gain experience with implementation issues through a project in the context of an actual compiler.

This is an optional Spring semester course for SIN and SSC master students.

Course Archive

Since 1999, the LAMP actively participates to teaching I&C students. An archive of all documents and websites of these previous courses is available.