Jobs at LAMP

Postdoctoral applicants should have a strong background in programming language theory and implementation, with special focus on functional and object-oriented programming. Previous experience with Scala is a plus. The appointment is a yearly contract renewable to up to four years depending on funding.

Ph.D. student applicants should have strong research interests in the areas given above and should like to work on the boundary between theory and practice. They should have obtained a masters degree with outstanding grades. Ph.D. students with a 4 year bachelor degree are eligible for the EPFL graduate school which offers a Master / Ph.D. program.

EPFL Lausanne is one of two federal universities in Switzerland. It has one of the most nationally diverse research, teaching and learning communities in Europe. Lausanne is situated in very attractive surroundings in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, bordering lake Geneva, in close proximity to the Alps.