Research highlights

And then there were three

(October 2018)

“News and Views” Nature Photonics article

Original publication – Spatial multiplexing of soliton microcombs

Little is lost

(May 2018)

“Insights” Science

Original publication – Elastic strain engineering for ultralow mechanical dissipation

Cavity solitons come of age

(September 2017)

“News and Views” Nature Photonics article

Original publication – Microresonator-based solitons for massively parallel coherent optical communications

One ring to multiplex them all

(June 2017)

“News and Views” Nature article
“Optical Communication at Record-High Speed” KIT Press Release

Original publication – Microresonator-based solitons for massively parallel coherent optical communications

Capturing an elusive spectrum of light

(November 2016)

International press releases: Phys.OrgAZOoptics(e) Science NewsSwiss Microtechnology

Original publication – Mid-infrared ultra-high-Q resonators based on fluoride crystalline materials

How Cherenkov radiative losses can improve optical frequency combs

(January 2016)

“Science” Insights

Original publication – Photonic chip–based optical frequency comb using soliton Cherenkov radiation

Using a microscopic ring to produce pulsed light

(January 2016)

“Research Highlights: Soliton boost” Nature Photonics article

Original publication – Photonic chip–based optical frequency comb using soliton Cherenkov radiation

Nanocavities: Optomechanics goes molecular

(November 2015)

“News and Views” Nature Nanotechnology article
“The Gurus of Raman Spectroscopy”
“One cover of TheAnalyticalScientist” Cover

Original publication – Molecular cavity optomechanics as a theory of plasmon-enhanced Raman scattering

Ten years of Nature Physics: Frozen motion

(September 2015)

“News and Views: Frozen motion” Nature Physics article

Original publication – Resolved-sideband cooling of a micromechanical oscillator

Parallel transduction of nanomechanical motion using plasmonic resonators

(7th October 2014)

“ACS-wide editor’s choice” which includes free open-access

Heralded Single-Phonon Preparation, Storage, and Readout in Cavity Optomechanics

(2nd May 2014)

“Inducing a Single Vibration” Science Magazine

“Toward macroscopic non-classical mechanical states” QSIT Newsletter 04.2014

“Towards new tests of quantum mechanics at macroscopic scale” EPFL News

Integrated Kerr frequency combs for coherent data transmission

(20th April 2014)

“Using light for faster data transmission” EPFL News

Original publication – Coherent terabit communications with microresonator Kerr frequency combs

Temporal solitons in optical microresonators

(15th January 2014)

“Solitons in a crystal” EPFL News

Original publication – Temporal solitons in optical microresonators

Slowing, advancing and switching of microwave signals using circuit nanoelectromechanics

(31st  January 2013)

“Slowing down microwaves in a chip” EPFL News

Original publication – Slowing, advancing and switching of microwave signals using circuit nanoelectromechanics

  Mid-infrared optical frequency combs at 2.5um
based on crystalline microresonators

(11th January 2013)

“Frequency combs for sniffing molecules” MPQ press release

“Miniaturized, high power, mid-infrared frequency combs” EPFL News

Original publication – Mid-infrared optical frequency combs at 2.5 μm based on crystalline microresonators

  Quantum coherent coupling

(2nd February 2012)

“Mit der Kraft des Lichts” Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ)

“A quantum connection between light and mechanics” MPQ press release

Original publication – Quantum-coherent coupling of a mechanical oscillator to an optical cavity mode

Optomechanically Induced Transparency

(11th November 2010)

“Scientists control light flow with all-optical transistor”, European Comission CORDIS
“A light transistor based on photons and phonons”, MPQ Press Release
“All Optical Transistor”, EPFL News

Original publication – Optomechanically Induced Transparency

Cavity Optomechanics with Nanomechanical Oscillators

(11th October 2009)

“Near-field cavity optomechanics with nanomechanical oscillators”, Nature Physics
“Optomechanics: Light reading”, Nature Nanotechnology: Research Highlight
“Quantenlimitierte Messmethode fur Nanosensoren”,
MPQ Press Release (German)
MPG Press Release (German)
LMU Press Release (German)
“Quantum-limited Measurement Method for Nanosensors”,
MPQ Press Release (English)
MPG Press Release (English)
LMU Press Release (English)

Very Low Phonon Number Cooling and Position Measurement

(7th June 2009)

“Resolved-sideband cooling and position measurement of a micromechanical oscillator close to the Heisenberg uncertainty limit “, Nature Physics [Publication]
“Optomechanics: Photons refrigerating phonons”,Nature Physics: News and Views
“Die Quantenwelt in Reichweite”,MPQ Press Release (German)
“Approaching the Quantum World”, MPQ Press Release English)

Ultra-low Dissipation Spoke-Supported Microresonators

(28th September 2008)

“Ultralow-Dissipation Optomechanical Resonators on a Chip”, Nature Photonics [Publication]
“Mit Speichenrädern auf dem Weg zur Quantenwelt”,MPQ Press Release (German)
“On the road to quantum world with spoke wheels”,MPQ Press Release (English)
“Approaching the quantum world with nanospokes”,SPIE Newsroom

Resolved Sideband Cooling

(13th April 2008)

“Resolved-sideband cooling of a micromechanical oscillator”,Nature Physics [Publication]
“Lichtgekühlte Mikro-Chips”,MPQ Press Release (German)
“Laser light cools microchip”,MPQ Press Release (English)
“Kaltes Licht im Glasring”,Max Planck Society Press Release (German)
“Laser light cools silica resonator”, press release

Monolithic Frequency Comb

(19th December 2007)

“Optical frequency comb generation from a monolithic microresonator”, Nature [Publication]
“Nobelpreis-Technik auf einem Chip”,MPQ Press Release (German)
“Nobel Prize Technique on a Chip”,MPQ Press Release (English)
“New generation of combs”,Nature Niews&Views
“Glass microtoroids generate combs”, Laser Focus World

Radiation Pressure Cooling

(15th December 2006)

“Radiation Pressure Cooling of a Micromechanical Oscillator Using Dynamical Backaction”, Physical Review Letters [Publication]
“Cooling Rays of Light”,Science Magazine
“Licht als Kühlmittel”, Physik Journal
“Laser cooling of a micromechanical oscillator”, Laser & Photonics Reviews

Press releases (in the group of Professor Kerry J. Vahala California Institute of Technology USA):

Observation of radiation pressure induced oscillations of an optical microcavity

(10th July 2005)

“Nonlinear Optics News and Views Clock”, Science Magazine
“Caltech Scientist Create tiny Photon Clock”,
“Scientist Create tiny Photon Clock”, OEMagazine

Ultra-high-Q toroid microcavities on a Chip

(10th February 2003)

“Boosting Photon Storage”, J.M. Gerard, Nature Materials
“Microtoroids Store Light Energy on a Silicon Chip”, Physics Link
” Caltech Press Release [link]
“Wafer Processing Yields High-Q Microcavities”, Photonics Spectra

Ultra-low threshold Raman Laser using a spherical microcavity

(7th February 2002)

“Raman Laser Displays 62-µW Threshold”, Photonics Spectra
Caltech 336 [link]
“Nonlinear Laser with Ultralow Threshhold”, American Insitute of Physics
“Raman source cuts lasing threshold”,