Ongoing collaborations

We are collaborating with Microsoft on use of soliton microcombs in optical data centers. This collaboration is jointly with Dr. Hitesh Ballani, at Microsoft Research UK.  2018 – now
  We are collaborating with Prof. Christian Koos group at Institute for Photonics and Quantumelectronics (IPQ) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology on the investigation of possible telecom applications for integrated SiN frequency combs fabricated in our group.  2012 – now

We are collaborating with Dr. Ronald Holtzwarth, CEO of Menlo Systems GmbH within the framework of the DARPA PULSE program on the development of a low phase noise microwave generation using optical frequency combs that can outperform state of the art crystalline quartz devices and be used in applications ranging from long baseline interferometry, radio communications to radar.

 2007 – now
We are collaborating with Prof. John Bowers at UCSB within the framework of the DARPA DODOS program on the development of fully monolithically integrated optical frequency synthesizers. Other partners include K. Vahala (Caltech), S. Diddams (NIST), K. Srinivasan (NIST). The overarching aim is to make optical frequency synthesis compact and ubiquitous.  
We are collaborating with Dr. A. Nunnenkamp at Cambridge University within the framework of the Horizon 2020 FET Proactive program on Hybrid Optomechanical Technologies (HOT) on addressing theoretical open questions in quantum optomechanics.  
We are collaboration with Prof. A. Ferrari‘s research group at the University of Cambridge Graphene Centre within the framework of the Graphene Flagship on functionalizing high Q optical microresonators with 2-D materials for optoelectronic devices.  
We are collaborating with Dr. T. Herr and Dr. S. Lecompte at CSEM within the framework of an ESA project to develop a compact low noise microwave source based on optical hyperparametric oscillations.  2017 – now

We are collaborating Russian Quantum Center and Faculty of Physics, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University within the framework of the Swiss National Science Foundation Scientific & Technological Cooperation Program Switzerland-Russia (STCPSR) on exploring temporal solitons in optical microresonators for visible and Mid IR based optical frequency combs.
Together with Prof. Dr. Igor Belenko (former Michael L. Gorodetsky group) we establish a close connection between analytical, numerical and experimental work in the fields of opto-mechanics and non-linear frequency conversion processes in microresonators.

2007 – now

We also benefit from our cleanroom facility at the EPFL Center of MicroNanoTechnology (CMi):

Past collaborations



Together with Prof. Rudolf Gross (director of Walther-Meißner-Institut & faculty of Technische Universität München), we worked on experimental work in the field of electro-nanomechanics. We carried out measurement with superconductive coplanar waveguide microwave cavities with integrated nano-mechanical oscillators at a dilution refrigerator temperature (<100mK).