Source: EU H2020 & SERI

Partner: 27 parterns (for more details, please visit the project website)

Duration: Mar 2016 – Mar 2020 (48 months)

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Power-to-Gas (PtG) allows for storing the surplus of renewable energies on sunny or windy days by the creation of synthetic natural gas (SNG), as shortly explained along the following lines. In PtG-systems electrolysers split water into hydrogen H2 and oxygen, the latter of which can simply be released into the atmosphere. Using CO2 from a source like e.g. biomass or waste water, the hydrogen produced is then used for the production of methane CH4, which is basically SNG.

STORE&GO goes beyond the state of the art of Power-to-Gas, which has been studied in several research projects. The project focuses on the integration of PtG into the daily operation of European energy grids to investigate the maturity level of the technology. Three different demonstration sites offer highly diverse testing grounds for PtG:

  • available energy sources (high wind power; PV and hydro; PV and wind power)
  • local consumers (low consumption; municipal region; rural area)
  • electricity grid type (transmission grid; municipal distribution grid; regional distribution grid)
  • gas grid type (long distance transport; municipal distribution grid; regional distribution grid)
  • type of CO2 source (biogas; waste water; atmosphere)
  • heat integration (veneer mill; district heating; CO2 enrichment)

Moreover, three different innovative methanation processes will be developed and improved from Technology Readiness Level 5 (TRL) close to maturity (TRL 6–7):

  • catalytic honeycomb/structured wall methanation reactors
  • biological methanation
  • modular milli-structured catalytic methanation reactors

These technologies will be demonstrated at a considerable scale between 200 kW and 1 MW in three different demonstration environments for a runtime of about two years. The resulting product – synthetic natural gas (SNG) –  will be injected into the existing grid and delivered to customers. The image shows the innovative STORE&GO approach with respect to the technology and the integration with the power grid, which is also part of the project.

Contact person: Francesco Baldi ([email protected]), Victor Codina Gironès([email protected])

Publication list

Optimal use of biomass in large-scale energy systems: insights for energy policy

V. Codina Gironès; S. Moret; E. Peduzzi; M. Nasato; F. Maréchal 

2016. The 29th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems, Portoroz, Slovenia, June 19-23, 2016. DOI : 10.1016/