Head of the HCI Group

Postdoctoral Researchers


Former Postdocs and Ph.D. Students

Dr. Ekaterina SvikhnushinaPh.D student at HCI between 2018-2023.
Dr. Yubo XiePh.D student at HCI between 2017-2022.
Dr. Igor KulevPh.D student at HCI between 2015-2020.
Dr. Kavous Salehzadeh NiksiratPostdoc at HCI between 2019-2020.
Dr. Claudiu MusatFormer scientific researcher.
Dr. Valentina SintsovaFormer Ph.D. student.
Dr. Onur YurutenFormer Ph.D. student.
Dr. Lionel MartinFormer Ph.D. student.
Dr. Yu ChenAssistant professor at San Jose State University. Ph.D. student at HCI between 2010-2015.
Dr. Vincent Schickel-ZuberCEO of, Switzerland, a recommender solution provider for e-commerce websites. Post-Doc at HCI between 2011-2013.
Dr. Rong HuPh.D. student at HCI between 2008-2012. Post-Doc at HCI between 2012-2013.
Dr. Sylvain CastagnosAssociate Professor at University of Lorraine, France. Post-Doc at HCI between 2008-2010.
Dr. Nicolas JonesUser eXperience consultant at ELCA infomatique SA, Switzerland. Ph.D. student at HCI between 2006-2010.
Dr. Li ChenAssistant professor at Hong Kong Baptist University. Ph.D. student at HCI between 2004-2008.
Dr. Jiyong ZhangCo-Founder, CEO, CTO of Eayun Inc., China and Switzerland. Ph.D. student at HCI between 2004-2008.
Dr. Paul JanecekCEO of Think Blue Data Pvt. Ltd., Thailand. Professor and Department Head at
Aisa Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. Ph.D. student at HCI between 2000-2008.
Dr. Zoran PecenovicSenior Solution Architect, Data at B-Source SA. Ph.D. student at HCI between 1998-2002.
Dr. George MelissargosBusiness Development Manager, EMEA Storage & Servers at Lenovo. Ph.D. student at HCI between 1996-2000.
Dr. Denis LalanneSenior Lecturer and Researcher at University of Fribourg. Ph.D. student at HCI between 1994-1998.
Dr. Lisa PurvisPh.D. from University of Connecticut. Senior Manager of Customer Analytics at PayPal.

Former Assistants and Visitors

Zhida SunFormer visiting Ph.D. Student.
Jiayu ShuFormer visiting Ph.D. Student.
Maoan ZhouFormer research collaborator and project manager.
Gregoire DevauchelleFormer intern student.
Adriana JurcaAssistant at EPFL between 1998-2000.
Pratyush KumarAssistant at EPFL, 2005. Now Associate Director, Hewlett-Packard.
Omar TaziAssistant at EPFL, 1998. Now Executive Vice President, Meditel.
Pratyush KumarAssistant at EPFL, 2003. Now Co-Founder of CompareBroker.