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Insulated Cooling with Evaporation and Radiation (ICER)

High Performance Cooling, Research

Passive cooling relying on evaporation and radiation, while offering great energy-saving opportunities, faces challenges with low ambient cooling powers, environmental heating, high water usage, and climate condition constraints. To overcome these shortcomings, here, we present insulated cooling with evaporation and radiation (ICER), which utilizes a solar-reflecting layer, an infrared-emitting evaporative layer, and an infrared-transparent, solar-reflecting, (…)

Passive Subambient Cooling with Evaporation-Insulation Bilayer

High Performance Cooling, Research

Passive thermal management strategies show promise to alleviate the ever-increasing global energy demand for cooling which is projected to triple in 2050. Passive cooling also provides viable pathways to distribution and storage of food and pharmaceuticals in underdeveloped areas, given that >10% of the world’s population still have no access to electricity. Due to the (…)

Hierarchical High Flux Evaporative Cooling

High Performance Cooling, Research

High power density electronics are severely limited by current thermal management solutions which are unable to dissipate the necessary heat flux while maintaining safe junction temperatures for reliable operation. Further, a wide range of industrial systems requires using low surface tension liquids where heat transfer enhancement has proved challenging for boiling and evaporation. Here, we enable (…)