Best Room Pavilion

“The project departs from the existing curve that creates the passage way for the walkers.From there one follows the topopgrahy to come to an end and walk behind the curved wall up the stairs.The main design of the apartment is based on a large functional room and a slim strip that contains all the services. The design follows the idea that the best room is the one that allows the most activities of the daily life. Furthermore, in plan, the entire room is not to be seen at first sight. Thanks to the curve it allows a changing atmosphere within the same space; a narrow entrance with a staircase that leads to a large space. The presence of the curved wall is reinforced with it’s materiality, slick white and without any openings: it shapes the space. In section the tilted roof opens up on a round window. The highest point of the ceiling emphasize the meeting point, gathering people around the round table. The window filters light through out the day and creates an intimate atmosphere within a double ceiling height room.” Victoria Bodevin

About the Best Room

Our everyday world is a world of rooms. In those rooms is space and in that space lives life.
from ‘A view with a room’ by Emmett Scanlon (2008) 

The Best Room is the outcome of undergraduate research at the EPFL by students at the laboratory of EAST (Elementary Architecture and Studies of Types). The Best Room is their first built answer to the question: What makes a room ‘the best room’? The question became a motto and a guiding principle for the Best Room project. 
The purpose of this years proposal was to create a path through the infinite possibilities of an architectural project with a very precise deadline, and to construct it at  a 1:1 scale. 
Through research, documentation and analysis, the students searched for ‘the best room’. From case studies to paintings, from spaces to materials, examples were interpreted in order to better understand what defines the optimal room to live in. What makes a room more special than others in the endless art of making rooms? 
In the second stage, the EAST team organized an internal competition and the 36 proposals for the Best Room were submitted to a jury that awarded the best design. The project was then embraced by the undergraduate students and together they went through the misadventures of an architectural project. 
Hundreds of drawings, models, mockups and thoughts were produced until each element reached the needed equilibrium in the ensemble. The project became the crossroad between space, construction and atmosphere. External variants, like building costs, administrative procedures, local legislation (and even bad weather) played a role, but the best of each constraint was taken on with enthusiasm. 
With a budget of 4,000 Swiss francs and precious help from patrons, only 5 weeks were needed to give form to the project. The Best Room was inaugurated at the end of May and is now open to the public until the 3rd of July. For this month, it is not only EASTs Best Room, it is a temporary cultural heart of the EPFL campus. 

Tiago P. Borges

Campus EPFL (École Polytechnique et Fédérale de Lausanne)
Route de La Sorge / Chemin des Arpenteurs, Ecublens 


4.000 CHF

Mila Bender, Antje Bittorf, Tiago P. Borges, Anja Fröhlich, Martin Fröhlich,
Sebastian F. Lippok, Valentino Vitacca

Baldy Candice, Béguin Antoine, Biétry Marlon, Bodevin Victoria, Caspary Félix, Chareton Gabriel, Claessens Yannick, Darbellay Léo, Di Rosa Sophie, Disner Gabriel, El Hayek Christopher, Evequoz Marc, Farra Sami, Gauchoux Léa, Jancu Juliette, Jenny Charles, Joly-Pottuz Chloé, Kadrijaj Gentian, Karpushov Alexander, Legrain Théophile, Liebiech Alexendra, Maloukotsi Afroditi, Pequignot Laure,, Rausis Justine, Rey Valentin, Reymond Marc, Richner David, Ruiz Margaux, Stierli Diane, Stoll Laura, Thiebaud Romian, Vertesi Marc, Vexinas Wilkinson Teo, Worreth Kilian, Wyssbrod Marine, Ziörjen Ursina

Aldo Nolli
Katharina Hohmann

Martin Fröhlich

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Disner Jean Luc
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Worreth René

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