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Project Proposals

We are always on the look out for highly motivated students for bachelor thesis, semester and master’s thesis projects. Below, we summarise some of the projects we have on offer.  However, if you have an idea for project which is not listed here, please also get in touch.  (See publications here, and  our research directions for inspiration/ideas of research areas relevant to the lab).

Student from all research backgrounds are welcome – for example, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, computer science, materials etc.

If possible, please provide some information on your background (e.g. CV,  transcript) when you get in touch to help find a suitable project!

Updated 7th August 2021

Design and fabrication of sensorized bioinspired robots hands (Semester/Full Masters Project)

Summary: Starting for biological inspiration, use novel 3D printing technologies and casting to rapid fabricate robotic hands with incorporated soft sensors. Investigate the design optimization of the sensor placement, and utilize multi-body, multi-material FEA based simulators to optimize control.

Keywords: Bio-inspired robotics, soft sensors, control, design optimization.
Workload: 75% experimental (design, fabrication, experimental testing), 25% control/simulation

Agricultural Robotics: Robotic optimization of plant growing conditions (Semester/Full Masters Project)

Summary: Using a cartesian robot (farmbot) we want to develop feedback control based on computer vision to assess plant growth and optimize conditions through running robotic growing experiments. Can we make plants grow faster, and can be predict their performance from early stage growth? 

Keywords: Feedback control, optimization, agricultural robotics, computer vision
Workload: 75% experimental (design, fabrication, experimental testing), 25% control/simulation

Optimization of Robotic Sea Turtle Flipper (Morphology and Control) (Semester/Full Masters Project)

Summary: The development of soft swimming robots is particularly challenging due to the interactions of the soft body with the fluid.  Here, we want to leverage modelling techniques and data-driven methods to optimize the design of the flippers for a sea-turtle and also the controllers. 

Keywords: Manipulation, computer vision, sensing, feedback, optimization, learning
Workload: 75% experimental (design, fabrication, experimental testing), 25% control/simulation

Sensorization of a Robotic Sea Turtle (Semester/Full Masters Project)

Summary: Development of sensory and control systems for an underwater swimming sea-turtle robot.  This includes imaging, water quality and other sensory feedback.  We will also explore how we can use this information to enable autonomous exploration. 

Keywords: Sensing, control, computer vision, electronics.
Workload: 75% experimental (design, fabrication, experimental testing), 25% control/simulation

Evolutionary Design of Soft Sensors (Semester/Full Masters Project)

Summary: The design of soft sensors for tactile perception significantly affects their performance.  Using new fabrication techniques for soft sensors, we will develop evolutionary approaches to optimize the design for different tasks.

Keywords: Sensing, control, optimization, 3D printing, fabrication
Workload: 50% experimental (design, fabrication, experimental testing), 50% optimization, learning, algorithm development


Wearable Sensorized Gloves (Semester/Full Masters Project)

Summary: utilizing our novel fluidic soft sensors and knitted sensorized sensors, develop gloves which perform on-board real-time sensor processing.  In addition incorporate activ efunctionality – e.g. control adhesion, or actuation 

Keywords: Sensing, control, optimization,  fabrication
Workload: 75% experimental (design, fabrication, experimental testing), 25% optimization, learning, algorithm development