The following images illustrate a selection of recent research and teaching activities of members of the CGD Group.


DEM simulation of particle size segregation (the Brazil Nut Effect).


Joanna Hargell & Kristan Staffas, SGM semester project*
* KTH exchange students, in collaboration with EMSI lab.

DEM simulation of magnetic drug targeting in a blood vessel.


Audrey Wesoly, SGM semester project

360o animation of the transport of N2 in a chemistry lab.


Albert Taureg, SGM semester project*
* in collaboration with EPFL Safety Competence Center

Use of an Xbox controller to interactively manipulate screen content.


Valentin Rochat, CSE minor project

Advanced visualization techniques are used to aid the understanding of numerical simulation results, e.g. photorealism, stereoscopy, 360o  and virtual reality images/animations.


Mark Sawley

Photorealistic rendering of a DEM simulation of the multi-body interaction of petanque balls on a gravel surface.


Mark Sawley with visualization by Olivier Amrein*
RGB Prod Sarl


CFD simulation of the air flow in the outer wall region of a pin mill.


Briac Barthes, SGM Master project*
* in collaboration with Frewitt SA


Coupled CFD-DEM simulation of beads and water in a 2D crossection of a stirred media mill.


Thomas Crevoisier & Mark Sawley


Planetary ball mill

DEM simulation of the motion of steel balls and crushable material in a planetary ball mill.


David Geissbühler & Mark Sawley

CFD simulation of the noise spectrum generated by a cooling unit for a traction transformer.


Cameron Dowd, SGM Semester project

CFD simulation of the flow in a cooling unit for a traction transformer.


Stéphane Lévy, SGM Master project*
* in collaboration with ABB Secheron

CFD simulation of the pressure field for transonic flow around a launch fairing.


Mike Kalomeni, SGM Master project*
* in collaboration with CFS Engineering SA

CFD simulation illustrating the recirculation region in a blood centrfuge device.


Alain Schenkel, Michel Deville, Mark Sawley, Pascal Hagmann* & Jean-Daniel Rochat*
* Biofluid Systems SA

Blast furnace filling DEM simulation of the filling of a blast furnace using rotating chutes with/without internal support plates.


Mark Sawley, Sami-Alex Zaïmi* & Dominique Sert*
* ArcelorMittal 

Drilling agglomerate DEM simulation of the drilling of an agglomerate material.


Lukas Binggeli & Mark Sawley
in collaboration with Bosch Power Tools

Ribbon blender visualization Advanced visualization of large DEM datasets


Mark Sawley, John Biddiscombe* & Jean Favre*
* CSCS, Lugano