Completed Student Projects

Completed student projects

The following student projects have been recently completed under the supervision of CGD members (see also the Gallery):

Master Projects

  • Albert Taureg, Powder chamber design evaluation for SUBZERO air-polishing devices, EMS Electro Medical Systems SA (CH), 2019
  • Nicolas Dubois, Numerical simulation of two-phase flow in a ball mill, Bühler AG (CH), 2018
  • Vincent Mayoraz, Natural vs blocked ventilation in a naturally ventilated building, University of Alberta (CND), 2018
  • Luca Santoro, Numerical and experimental analysis of flow scenarios in a hot gas tunnel, ETHZ (CH), 2018
  • Nathanel Apter, Drag Reduction using Active Flow Control (AFC) on a helicopter fuselage, Technion Israel Institute of Technology (IS), 2017
  • Philippe Hergibo, CFD simulation of vapor lock formation in fuel lines, Volvo Car Corporation (SE), 2017
  • James Maari, Numerical study of two-phase flow in a stirred coffee roaster, Bühler AG (CH), 2017
  • Alessandro Gastaldi, Development of a doublet-lattice method program for aeroelastic analysis in conceptual aircraft design, CFS Engineering SA (CH), 2016
  • Briac Barthes, Optimisation du pin mill par des simulations CFD, Frewitt SA (CH), 2016
  • Gustavo Rios, High frequency dynamic pressure generator, Meggitt SA (CH), 2015
  • Bertrand Buisson, Modsélisation, compréhension et simulation CFD des phénomènes ayant lieu lors de la fusion d’un coeur de réacteur à neutrons rapides, Areva (FR), 2015
  • Adrien Stievenard, Simulation and optimization of the flow around simple or double wing profiles, Audi Sport (DE), 2014
  • Robert Wyssmann, Direct numerical simulation, large eddy simulation, internal combustion, engine-like geometry, turbulence modelling, ETHZ, 2014
  • Stéphane Lévy, Flow analysis and optimization of a cooling unit for a traction transformer, ABB Sécheron SA (CH), 2013
  • Sylvain Gallay, Using the NSMB CFD solver to compute dynamic derivations, CFS Engineering SA (CH), 2011
  • Claude Dufour, High efficiency micro-wind turbine, Honeywell (India), 2010
  • Roman Grubler, Numerical simulation of the flow around a ship hull including interaction effects between hull and propellor, MARIN (NL), 2010

Semester Projects

  • Zhen Luo, Realistic visualization of industrial materials, 2019
  • Thibaut Delafosse, Visualisation of scientific data, 2019
  • Mathias Møller, Numerical simulation of nitrogen evaporation and dispersion with advanced heat transfer modelling, 2018
  • Valentin Rochat, Remote control of a visualization display, 2018
  • Lucien Salleyrette, Pétanque ball dynamics: a model system for multi-body interaction, 2018
  • Albert Taureg, Novel visualization methods for diffusion of gases in laboratory rooms, 2018
  • Audrey Wesoly, Simulation of magnetic drug targeting, 2018
  • Joanna Hargell & Kristin Staffas, Numerical simulation and validation of the Brazil Nut Effect, 2018
  • Tristan Revaz, Numerical flow simulation using open-source codes : 3D flow around a simplified car body using OpenFOAM, 2017
  • Sveva Fornari, Numerical simulation of magnetic nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems for cancer treatment, 2017
  • Kristinn Bjornsson, Visualization of flow in a train cooling unit, 2017
  • Lucien Panetta, Optimisation aérodynamique de la carrosserie de (c)mobile, 2016
  • Alexis Morand, Pétanque ball dynamics: a model system for multi-body interaction, 2016
  • Cameron Dowd, Acoustical analysis of a cooling unit for a traction transformer, 2015
  • Briac Barthes, Optimization of a pin-mill using CFD and DEM simulations, 2015
  • Ondrej Haman, VOF multiphase simulations in FLUENT and OpenFOAM, 2014
  • Sarah van Rooij, Remote control of a visualization display, 2014
  • Ondrej Haman, Visualization of flow simulations, 2014
  • Mike Kalomeni, Numerical analysis on transonic flow around hammerhead launch fairing, 2014
  • Lucien Stoessel, Simulation numérique d’une avalanche par la méthode des éléments discrets (DEM), 2012
  • Eric Ringvold, Segregation of grains by vibrations in a cereal box, 2012
  • Byung Yun Cho, Mixing in an industrial mixer, 2012
  • Laurent Monnard, Implémentation et utilisation d’un code de DEM pour la simulation d’écoulement granulaire, 2011
  • Shayan Sharifzadeh, Génération d’un simulateur de vol par simulations numériques 3D, 2011
  • Vanina Nicolier, Création d’un solide aggloméré et application d’une charge, 2010
  • Etienne Cartier, Etude numérique de l’influence d’une surface de rebond pour un écoulement granulaire, 2010