CGD Group

The research activities of the Computational Granular Dynamics (CGD) Group in the Mechanical Engineering Institute (IGM) are centered on the numerical simulation of granular flows of academic and industrial interest. Physical phenomena such as milling, mixing, segregation, cohesion and transport are of particular interest. Dry and wet granular flows and agglomerated granular materials are studied using both Lagrangian and Eulerian multiphase techniques. The use of advanced visualization techniques is also investigated for the extraction of physical insights from the numerical simulation data. A variety of industrial applications areas are examined by the CGD Group.

The teaching activities of the CGD Group involve the numerical simulation of fluid and particulate flows, including the presentation of two Master courses in the Mechanical Engineering Section (SGM), and the supervision of semester and Master projects. The CoViz facility is also made available for students as a training tool in advanced visualization techniques.

The CGD Group is a member of the ACCES Computational Engineering network.